Delicious Award Winner
Last night our Farmers Market was voted delicious! Magazine’s Most Outstanding Farmers Market. In Australia. Our small town that almost no-one has heard of, won a national award. It’s a pretty big thing but not that which initially seems obvious which would be along the lines of “that’s great! More […]


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On the 1st January 2013 we set up a Farmers Market to provide a direct outlet for farmers/growers and to provide fresh local produce to the community. It has been a great success and continues to grow. But that’s another story. What became quickly apparent back then was that demand […]

Farmer Kyle

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  February. Hot. Dry. Gardening is quite challenging in these conditions. But it is Summer and soon it’ll break (fingers crossed) and we’ll be into Autumn and regular readers will know how I feel about Autumn. Love. Autumn. Our house supply of water-what we cook, drink, wash our veg for […]

Water no get enemy

Kids ay? Who'd 'av 'em. 2
“The school of thought which believes that farmers should not have holidays may skip this chapter. To them we tender our apologies, and trust they find excellent value for their money in the rest of this book”  So begins Chapter 10 in George Henderson’s excellent summary of his farming practice […]


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  On January 1st this year SAGE started a farmers market which was to be held for a trial period to learn some things. The SE Food Plan ( a discussion paper released at the end of 2011 and with which we were involved- here as a pdf ) also recognised the localisation […]

Farmers Market

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      Every January our town hosts the local agricultural show. An agricultural show more commonly known as “the show”  is where local farmers and growers showcase their produce, equipment and livestock or their sports and recreational pursuits related to an agricultural life. The pinnacle of which is the […]

The Show -or- We are The Champions

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  I deliberated about writing this post for a couple of reasons, but I just wanted to say one quick thing. I am totally comfortable with my meat consumption and the ethics of raising and killing of animals in a humane fashion. I believe I have the passion and compassion […]

Meat is Murder

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On Marlin’s 6th birthday we went fishing. We were going to hire a tinny or borrow a canoe and get out on the lake and catch a fish. That’s what he wanted to do and I’m no fisherman but he reckons I am because we went a while back and […]

Marlinspike’s hooked.

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At the weekend there was a new stall at our market. Tim and Tobie bought a river flat block of half acre in size, they grew vegies on it and on the weekend their efforts were realised and they sold their fresh harvested, chemical free produce which is grown at […]

Queen St Growers

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Oh yes Garlic harvest time. Garlic was one of the first crops we grew. We eat a lot of it, it sells well and lasts if stored correctly. Australia imports thousands of tonnes of garlic 95% of which comes from China and chemicals that are banned in Australia are still […]


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  We’re getting so close now to harvesting our garlic, it’s been several long weeks since we ran out of last years supply and I for one am desperate to to get some of that fresh garlic goodness back into the cooking. There is a sneak preview available to us […]

The Great Scape

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  We are right in the thick of the short but sweet season of the broad bean. With the coming and going of the seasons there are some vegies that even though I look forward so much to the first harvest, that first tomato when you haven’t eaten them for […]

Broad beans.

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This year we are starting to expand our chicken integration. I want to incorporate them into the pasture rotation and into the veg cycle for a number of reasons. But in our quest to bring it all back to a local level and on a scale that can be done […]

The eggs-periment begins.

We have just a couple of weeks left of harvesting carrots although I am thinking about planting some Purple Dragons for sale at the christmas markets. However I really don’t like growing carrots at this time of year.


  I don’t think we the humans pay enough attention to the smaller species around us. Invertebrates form more than 95% of the animal species on earth but we tend to focus on creatures with a backbone as being of primary importance. Maybe that’s because we have one but I […]

Beekeeping with Walter

  We’ve had our first wwoof-er, actually she contacted us through Help-x but the term wwoof-er has stuck. Wwoof (world wide opportunities on organic farms or willing workers on …you get it) and HelpX facilitate contact of volunteers who wish to experience life in a rural setting or a different country with host […]


I like Winter. I like that the days are short that you can get 8 hours done but be in and by the fire by 6. I like the heavier slow cooked meals that suit the season. I like that the nights are cold but the days are clear and […]

Time to wake up!