We are a small family farming business.
We grow good food.


You can buy our produce at SAGE Farmers Market every Tuesday.
We also run a box subscription delivery service details of which are below
Supportive local businesses that purchase our produce are:
Southlands Fruit and Veg- Moruya
Single Fin Gypsy Canteen- Broulee
The River Restaurant-Moruya
Milton Farm Shop-Milton


Kirsti Wilkinson -  kirsti@oldmillroad.com.au0478 438 548
Fraser Bayley -  fraser@oldmillroad.com.au0410 558 138


Our Instagram pages are


We train market gardeners.
Past alumni are:
Rad Growers
Matt from Neighbourhood Farm
Loop Growers
Roly Poly Farm
Nadia from Fat Pig Farm
Alex and Eliza Traveling Growers
Market Gardener Emmy from Buena Vista
and many others for whom growing and eating good food is essential for good life.
For training opportunities contact us


Box Delivery

Our box delivery is a simple and convenient way for you to eat fresh picked, locally grown, in season vegetables.
They have been grown without any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or any-cides just good home grown food like you'd grow in your own backyard without the weeds. We do the work for you.

We know what it costs to buy the seed, seedlings, tools, soil amendments and our small salaries and we set a subscription price to reflect that.
Some weeks there is more of less, other weeks less of more. Some weeks just more, some weeks just less. Some seasons some crops do better, other seasons suit other crops. Each season is different, that’s what happens when you work with mother nature.

Subscribing to our Veg Box is like a subscription to say a newspaper. You know you’re getting a paper.
You know when it’s turning up but you’re not sure what the news is until it comes out.

We pick a prime assortment of what's ready that week.
From time to time if we have the same kind of veg we may include vegetables from another grower we know and trust.
We will inform you of this and this helps you get to know other growers of good food in our region.
We may also be able to offer eggs, meat and other farmed goodness from our paddocks as extras.
We also send you a basic email each week by Wednesday letting you know what you can expect in the box.

Subscriptions are monthly and paid in advance by direct deposit, credit card or cash.
Seasonal subscriptions are also available.
Our seasonal subscribers are VIP.
VIP can expect the cream of the crop, occasional extras and special treats.

Monthly - $35 per Friday for family boxes / $50 per Friday for vegetable lovers.
Seasonal -  $1120 for family boxes / $1600 for hungry vegetable lover boxes.
Season 2019/20 is now over and seaon 2020/21 will start sometime in October. Please register your interest via email at anytime and we will contact you early September 2020